Family Law Services | Change of Name

Deciding to change your name is a big and personal step.

We can prepare a “Change of Name Deed” for you that includes the following legal declarations:

We draft a change of name deed for you, this is proof to show to relevant department and bodies such as bank, schools, passport agency etc.

Aramas Law are able to complete a change of name deed for you very quickly, within 30 minutes to be precise.

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    I was so worried about how my divorce would affect my business and finances. Your expert and calm advice right at the start helped me to negotiate a fair divorce settlement with my husband, avoiding a court battle. I would recommend you highly to anyone.

    JH (Mother)
    Divorce and Finance

    I was so stressed when getting divorced, everything was a mess and I was on the phone to you daily. Your advice and guidance gave me strength and helped through such dark times, I won’t ever forget. I recommend you to anyone I know with family issues, big or small!

    LW (Husband)
    Divorce and Children

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. When I first transferred my case from other lawyers, after spending so much and getting nowhere, you immediately turned the case around! Because of you, I am now meeting my son again after 2 years and words cant express how happy I am.

    Mr S

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