Aramas Family Law is a boutique law firm which specialises in achieving Family Law settlements and offering the best possible experience throughout this challenging time in your life.

Family law can be complex and needs to be managed sensitively. Which is where we come in. At Aramas Family Law, family law is all we do, and that’s why we are able to give you expert specialist advice in all areas of family law, and guide you to the best resolution for all parties.

At Aramas Family Law we help people facing the stresses you are facing and we’re here to ensure that you emerge unscathed. We’ll identify the best way forward, and handle all negotiations on your behalf, calmly and professionally. We’ll stand by you when times get tough, until you and your family achieve the outcomes you deserve.

Aramas Family Law will strive to minimise additional stress surrounding your case. We will do something when we say we will and communicate with you throughout. We will remain focused on your case and ensure that we are always moving things along.

Unfortunately relationships break down, often leading to unresolved issues which can be especially complicated where children are involved. Emotions often run high when a couple has separated, but disagrees on the way forward. Aramas Family Law’s trained professionals can help you resolve the confusion and misunderstandings, and explain your options clearly so you can reach the right decisions.

Samara Iqbal is a Solicitor, Director and the founder of Aramas Law Solicitors. 

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As family law solicitors we help to guide families through extremely difficult times. We help our clients navigate complex legal issues of all kinds from prenuptial agreements and child custody arrangements, to property, tax and more.

Aramas Family Law will guide you through every step of your case and remove the burden off your shoulders. We will provide you the very best guidance and advice to make those decisions you do need to make as stress free as possible.

Aramas Family Law are members of Resolution, an organisation of specialist family lawyers committed to a constructive approach to the practice of family law. As a result of our commitment to the Resolution Code of Practice, most of our cases achieve a settlement by constructive negotiation, saving costs for everyone involved.

Aramas Family Law can offer:

Aramas Family Law was founded by Samara Iqbal who has been practicing solely in Family Law dating back to 2006. Samara’s passion to make justice in law accessible to all lead her to form Aramas Law.

Samara brings law a fresh modern approach without the use to legal jargon and clear visible legal costs and with no hidden surprises.

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