Welcoming a baby in the UAE involves essential legal steps. Aramas International Lawyers is here to help streamline the process.

  1. Marriage Requirement:
    • Legal marriage is essential for family recognition under UAE law.
  2. Birth Certificate Process:
    • Obtain a stamped birth notification from the hospital.
    • Private hospital births require application to the Ministry of Health or relevant health authority.
  3. Expatriate Formalities:
    • Register within 30 days, and the child adopts the father’s nationality if parents differ.
    • Required documents: attested marriage certificate, passports, residence visas, birth notification, and hospital discharge summary.
  4. Attestation Process:
    • All expatriates must attest birth certificates through relevant authorities.
  5. Timeframe for Documents:
    • 120 days to arrange birth certificates, passports, IDs, and visas. Late completion incurs fees.
  6. Federal Decree Law No.10 of 2022:
    • Allows mothers to name their baby, even if the father is unknown.
  7. Abu Dhabi Birth Certificates:
    • Abu Dhabi Civil Family Court processes standard certificates, including for children born to unknown fathers.
  8. Dubai Naming Process:
    • Mothers must apply to court to name babies born to unknown fathers, governed by Dubai Personal Status Guide.


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